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To GREEN or not to GREEN

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Let´s look at the Pro´s and Con´s...yes there are Con´s to the Green Craze, so we are about to look at both sides.

What speaks for the GREEN Craze?

Well this is easy, right. Green foods tend to be very good for your health as for example Dark Green Vegetables, are rich in antioxidants and usually have large amounts of phytochemicals like Vitamin C and more healthy vitamins and minerals like folic acid, selenium, potassium, iron and so much more!

All in all, we can safely conclude that when eating or drinking green veggies or even fruits you are doing something good for your health!

So why would we even speak about the Con´s?

well... that is an easy one, so please hear me out!

Why do people eat chocolate or smoke or drink alcohol or sodas ? BECAUSE WE CAN!

It is enjoyable, it relaxes, rewards and feeds our cravings!

Now I hear you say... true, but that is not a con regarding the GREEN Craze, but it is, and I will explain.

  1. Broccoli, Kale, Spinach and co. are not on par with a nice plate of pasta, now are they? NO! If you are someone that loves eating these foods because they taste good to you, you are LUCKY! Have you ever been threatened with broccoli or spinach as a child? or maybe you were offered a reward for eating dark greens? You know what I am talking about...

Let´s not forget that when you cook these greens or dress them with unhealthy salad dressings, cream or baked cheese, the nutrients are not what they are suppose to be any longer or you are now eating other, not so healthy additions and the objective is not really achieved any more.

2. So let´s say you juice your dark greens, which is a great idea. You eliminate all the possible pitfalls we mentioned before but think about the FIBER you are not also eliminating!


Basically, what I am getting to is, when dark green are so healthy, which they definitely are, then why are we not happily eating them daily?

And then, are you sure you maximizing the vitamin intake when preparing your GREEN JUICE or MEAL?

If your answer is YES! then BRAVO! you are doing something amazing for your body!

And our answer to the original question of - To Green or not to Green is,

do what you can happily and healthily sustain over a long period of time as that is how you benefit from greens.

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