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Do You Want to Be Our Next 6-Figure Case Study?

See What It Looks Like to Join a Team & Plug Into a System Responsible for Creating 6-Figure & 7 Figure Leaders Worldwide and a Team of Over 300,000 People Across 21 Countries

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About Chris and Tammy

We are called the power couple in network marketing who lead an international organization of over three hundred thousand distributors, primarily in the Americas, the Philippines, and West Africa. 

Chris started his career as a software engineer and owner of a karate school. He joined network marketing in the late 90s as a way to create residual income and time freedom. He also wanted to make a greater impact on people’s lives while providing a luxurious lifestyle for himself and his family. 

Tammy was a homemaker and fashion designer who was running her own successful business. She joined the network marketing profession in 2001 to be home with her young daughters and work on her own schedule. 

We met through our network marketing company and became business and life partners in 2004. After struggling financially for years, we made our first million dollars with the company in 2011. Today we are leading a growing team of associates in 21 countries. 

When not traveling the globe, we enjoy our dream homes in Toronto, Canada and Daytona Beach, Florida. Together we have four children and six grandchildren, for whom we plan to leave a legacy. 

We are passionate about educating entrepreneurs around the world and helping them become successful. Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty and financial struggle by teaching people a better way to earn a living.

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