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What makes partnering with us different...

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Building our business to the rank of a Double Diamond in our country in the Philippines

I started my business with no money at all. I had to borrow money to buy the product and pay for transportation, training fees, events, and books. Other challenges were that I didn’t have credibility or influence, nor did I have a list of names. Whenever I approached people, they would reject my offer. But I was so determined to succeed that I promised myself I wouldn’t allow the day to pass without sharing the good news of my product and opportunity. I have multiple mentors in different aspects of my life. First, my parents are my spiritual and family mentors. Second, Sir Christian and Madam Tammy are my business mentors. Third, I have a fitness coach. I also read lots of books that help me succeed.

Bernie P. Yalung - Philippines

Building our business to the rank of a Tripe Diamond in our country in the Philippines

The product from our current network marketing company helped us with our health issues and financial situation. We faced various challenges, despite these challenges, they persevered and saw the vision of their current company, which has led to their success in the business. We now spend our time guiding and mentoring their team leaders, and we provide regular training sessions to create duplication and leadership in our teams. We have business mentors and life coaches who have helped us achieve success in our network marketing business. Our top three tips for success are to give from the heart, never give up on your dreams, and offer everything to God to guide you.

Our dream is to help many people become financially free, share good values, create a charity, and build a legacy.

Gren Guadamor and Jho Sia Guadamor


Building my business to the rank of a Crown Diamond in my country in Nigeria

Having mentors in the business, including Chris, Tammy, and Dr. Bright, and reading books such as My First Year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell, Go Pro by Eric Worre, and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. I see myself as a top earner in my company within the next two years. My success will change the face of network marketing in my country. I’ll be a force for good in my community and beyond. I wish to inspire and attract young, vibrant, and brilliant individuals to the network marketing profession so they can create a lasting legacy for themselves and live a life of significance.

James Obieze Osolu, MD

Building my business to the rank of a Double Diamond in Ghana. It has been challenging, involving, and very interesting. The personal development I had to go through and the person I have become in the process has brought out qualities in me I could only imagine earlier

In order to grow a team, one needs to lead by example and remain active in the business. Your team copies what you do, so practice what you preach and show the network marketing lifestyle. We provide various training platforms for new and old team members. We also use the training scripts provided on Chris and Tammy’s training website
We organize and sponsor team events to remind everyone of our purpose as a team, which currently counts over 10,000 active members in Ghana, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Europe, and China. 


Evans Afum Kwakye (aka Sir Java)


Building my business to the rank of a Crown Diamond in Nigeria and Kenya and established a foundation of training, working with leaders to form "One Team" and following the training and values that Crown Diamonds Chris and Tammy have mentored their leaders around the world

I worked for a billion-dollar marketing agency and ran the banking division in Canada, making a significant income. Then I started my business with a close friend and became successful in network marketing, reaching the rank of Diamond with my company. I moved to Nigeria in 2016 to pursue the opportunity and successfully built a business there. I collaborated with other leaders to create the necessary tools and training for the business.

Anne Turnbull 

Building my business to the rank of Gold in Canada.  Network marketing can provide abundance, joy, purpose, and dreams fulfilled, and that it has become my new entrepreneurship dream come true.

I have been involved in network marketing for almost 40 years and tried several different companies before finding the current one, which I have been with for the past eight years. I initially learned about network marketing from a dentist I worked for and were drawn to the idea of a home-based business that offered significant income potential. I have been able to balance building my network marketing business with my profession as a restorative dental hygienist. I have focused on developing team leaders and hosting regular in-home and hotel meetings and trainings to grow my business

Jasmine Théberge


Building my business to the rank of Platinum in Canada. Successfully brought her network marketing company to Africa and helped it grow, with products now available in three additional countries

I built a successful team of associates in Singapore and Canada. Uses effective prospecting methods and leadership strategies to support her team and build duplication. Considers her business to be her mission and has a concrete way to have a huge impact on people’s lives.

Lucie Caron

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