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For Network Marketing & Direct Sales Distributors ONLY!

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”I Rank Advanced 5 Times in 8 Months and My Team Has Grown to 4,178, Built 100% on Social Media”

-Helen Martin, New Top Earner


The Secret's Finally Out…

How Average Networkers are Passively Attracting Prospects & Growing Teams of 1000, 2000 or Even 3000+ People in 12 Months or Less

Claim Your Discount and Instantly Access the Legendary “AMF” Digital Recruiting Course Now for Only $47!

***If You are Not Building a Downline, DO NOT Proceed***

30-Day GUARANTEE: If You Don’t Like AMF, We’ll Give You Your Money Back and We’ll Even Let You Keep a Copy of the Book as a Gift for Trying It Out!

The Secret ‘Leader’s Playbook’ Average Networkers are Using to Attract a Massive Influx of New Prospects, Customers & Team Members via Social Media on Almost Complete Auto-pilot…

Instantly Download the same ‘Leader’s Playbook’ top earners have secretly leveraged for years to rank advance 100x faster WITHOUT using any kind of soul sucking & time consuming cold prospecting tactics, spammy messenger scripts or bugging friends & family!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve looked around on social media…

What do you notice about the social presence of the newest top earners in your company and the profession?

And I’m not talking about the old school leaders in their golden years, that refer to social media as ‘The Facebooks’. lol

I’m talking about the newest generation… What do you notice?

They are EVERYWHERE, right?!

The newest generation of network marketing leaders seem to be OMNIPRESENT all over social media.

How do you think they did that?

Do you think they did it by…

  • Cold messaging 100’s of strangers everyday?

  • Prospecting & poaching in groups?

  • Sending scripted text & messages to old friends?

  • Posting pics of their products on their social media feed?

  • Making a list of 100 friends, family & acquaintances?

Nope. In fact, the secret you’ll discover about most of network marketing’s newest top earners is this…

How They Built Their Business is NOT What They Teach Their Teams

I know because I mentored many of them…

Teaching them a powerful strategy for becoming omnipresent online… especially on social media!

Thus giving them the ability to passively attract a targeted network of the highest quality prospects, that feeds their business new recruits everyday and helps them rank advance at warp speed!

What’s disappointing oftentimes, is they choose NOT to teach this strategy to their team.

And I understand their perspective, because this strategy requires that you have big goals and dreams.

If You Want to Rank Advance to the Top of Your Company, & Be a Top Producer, Then This Strategy is For You

But I’ve never been one to prejudge the potential of anyone.

I find that when you provide someone a plan & clear ‘straightline strategy’ for building a 6-figure business, that triggers the motivation and drive to do just that.

Clarity and enjoying what you do creates motivation.

Because let’s face it, the tactics & strategies being taught to network marketers today are inauthentic, deceptive, salesy, they piss people off and are de-motivating! They suck!

Which is why I’ve made it my mission to share this knowledge and strategy with as many networkers as possible and let them decide if it’s for them or not.

And I gotta tell ya… it is so gratifying to get message after message from the network marketers we’ve mentored, who have exploded their results after struggling for years using old, outdated and sleazy tactics that no longer work.

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll uncover inside this legendary course…

  • The secret to selling ANYTHING, without scripts or mind games. Once you get this concept you'll see how to successfully market ANY kind of a product or business.

  • How to start enrolling people overnight and quickly grow a massive team WITHOUT talking about your company. This ONE TIP has been responsible for launching a new wave of Top Earners.

  • The absolute BEST WAY to attract prospects and start earning EVEN IF they never join your team. I used this to kickstart my list... got 323 red-hot leads... and even funded my first year in business within 3 months.

  • How to build a simple online "doorway" which invites an endless stream of high-quality prospects every day. I'll show you the most effective way to attract a huge number of prospects and have them invite themselves to join your team.

  • How to get thousands of people to TRUST you, hang on to your every word and enroll… all with a single email.

  • How to add NEW streams of revenue to fund your monthly expenses and stop the bleeding. You can set this up in one hour and automate 90% of your prospecting and cover your costs.

  • Want to promote your company’s products online? 90% of what networkers do to retail online FAILS miserably… but here’s a simple 5-step process to make sure you hit the bull’s eye when you launch.

  • How to turn the tables on all the skeptics and boneheads… NEVER AGAIN deal with people who look down at your business… and Get Qualified & Interested Prospects Only!

  • Ever email your prospects? This is where most people BLOW IT… here’s the most important tip you will ever hear about inviting and enrolling via email.

  • A simple laundry trick you can use to consistently get more people and have people enrolling onto your team every single day without warm or cold prospecting.

  • Should you lead with your product or business for MAXIMUM success? The right answer may surprise you.

  • A little 4 letter word that’ll make every one of your marketing posts, videos or ads jump out, grab your prospect’s attention. This is the SECRET to attracting the “right person” and getting them to chase YOU. 

  • A 5-step “Success Blueprint” to building a virtual machine which pumps high-quality prospects to you and grow a HUGE organization.

  • The single biggest secret large companies use to sell en masse to a lot of people… and how the exact same strategy can help you to reach large hidden audiences on social media.

  • How to use email to AUTOMATICALLY build relationships with your prospects… enroll new team members and retail customers… without talking to a single soul.

  • And much, MUCH MORE!

Check Out These Amazing Stories From Our Most Recent Networkers We’ve Helped…


"I Hit the Top Rank Within 18 Months & Team Has Grown to 15,000 Without Actively Prospecting a Single Person"

I was able to become a top producer within 9 months of getting started with my company, hit the top rank in the 9 months after that and now my team has grown to 15,000 reps. The best part is that I’ve gotten these results without actively prospecting a single person.

Bec Sadek

”I Rank Advanced 5 Times in 8 Months, I'm Now at the #4 Rank in My Company and My Team Has Grown to 4,178, Built 100% on Social Media”

Thanks to the mentorship I got from Attraction Marketing, I’ve been able to build a global team of over 4,200 people - 100% on Social Media! I’ve created a business which has multiple streams of income, earned well over 6-figures, built a massive following on social media and written a best selling book. I’m so grateful!

Helen Martin


“In Under 30 Days, We’ve Had 753 Prospects Reach Out, 109 Applications to Join Our Team and 404% Growth

By applying the skills from Attraction Marketing, we were able to grow from 0 to 120,000+ followers on TikTok in under 30 days and resulted in 753 red hot prospects messaging us, 109 applications to join our team and grew our business by 404% in under 30 days!

Mike & Carla

”I’ve Enrolled 2,000 Loyal Customers, Personally Recruited 250 Team Members, Rank Advanced 9 Times And Among The Top 50 Earners In My Company”

After years struggling to find the right people, I now attract people who fill out an application to join me, instead of me having to chase them. It’s completely transformed the way I enroll & retail. I’m now at the top 1% of my company with a full prospect pipeline. I get to decide who I want to work with.

Dawn Sullivan


“I Now Passively Enroll 100’s of Customers per Month, Grown an Audience of Over 89,000 on Social and Launched One of the Biggest Brands in Network Marketing”

Within a year of discovering Attraction Marketing, I was attracting thousands of leads and enrolling hundreds of customers per month passively from social media!

I’ve also been able to grow one of the biggest brands in network marketing and grown a social following of over 89,000 people.

Vincenzo Sannipoli

”I’ve Personally Enrolled SIX Top Earners Into My Organization and Built a Social Following of 73,000 People”

I not only have the fastest growing team in my company, but I’ve also personally enrolled top earners into my organization - after they saw what I was doing online - and built a brand following of over 73,000 and passively attracted 2987 new customers in 3 years.

“In 2020 Attraction Marketing helped me personally earn 7-figures in commissions.”

Brandy Shaver


There are many more where this came from, which you can check out below, but the question you might be asking yourself is…

“What Did They Do And How Did They Do It?”

My name is Ferny Ceballos and a few years ago I discovered a revolutionary & controversial strategy that flipped everything I knew about network marketing on its head.

After struggling in network marketing for 9 months, I became one of the first in the profession to learn how to build a network marketing business online.

But not only that, I was also one of the first to build a 6-figure network marketing business using social media back in 2008, where…

I Became The #1 Influencer On A Social Platform Of Over 500,000 People & Started Recruiting Like Crazy!

Here’s basically what I discovered…

  • In order to grow my prospect list, I needed to STOP prospecting

  • In order to get people interested in what I was selling, I needed to STOP selling or convincing

  • In order to enroll new team members & customers, I needed to STOP trying to close and objection handle

  • And in order to get my team to duplicate, I needed to STOP teaching them stuff they didn’t really want to do

Yeah… I know… crazy huh?

When I first got started, I was like you… prospecting literally everyone I knew, along with waiters, waitresses and bartenders... in a desperate attempt to get them to a meeting.

Friending 100’s of strangers, direct messaging strangers, scripted messages and at one point… I even used software to cold spam random people on social media! ( Learn from my mistakes. Please don’t do that! ) 🤦

I was desperate, willing to try anything but had little to show for it.

By some miracle, I did manage to enroll a few people but no one was willing to do what I did and all of them quit! 😱

My business was going backwards, I was spending more than I was making, going $20,000 into debt and quitting was starting to look really attractive!

After having done everything painfully wrong for 9 months, I met someone who was infamous (and even hated) for having grown his team from…

“Zero to 1732 Personal Enrollments in Under 30 days…” 

Seemingly defying the laws of network marketing. How is that even possible?

And he offered to open his secret playbook to me. I was one of the first...

Not only did I become a top earner within a couple years of using this strategy, but he and I have spent the past decade literally creating & mentoring 100’s of the profession’s newest top earners helping them build their teams and business online in a leveraged and enjoyable way.

For the past decade our students had to keep this strategy a secret, because publicly teaching this to their teams would result in their uplines ridiculing and disowning them!

The ‘Forbidden Social Recruiting Strategy’ a New Generation of Top Earners are Using, But Afraid to Share…

Their uplines literally forbade them from using it… mainly because they feared what they didn’t understand.

Yet our students - with great courage - ran with this secret playbook and became responsible for growing teams of 10,000+, crowning hundreds of 7 & 8-fig producers and even helping some leaders launch new modern direct selling companies open to 21st century strategies.

Truth is... the biggest earners in the profession who built their teams online and have the biggest brands on social media today, were very likely our students or students of our students or students of our student’s students… etc.

Their results have literally been hiding in plain sight but never spoken about with their teams or uplines… until 2020 happened….

During the Lockdowns Our Students Experienced Massive Growth While Old School Leaders Saw Their Teams Dwindle

The pandemic changed everything…

Literally overnight, 100% of network marketing had to go online and an influx of leaders - who were previously negative or ignorant - now wanted to know what we’ve been secretly teaching for over a decade.

This previously ‘Forbidden Strategy’ I called the Attraction Marketing Formula!

Here’s how it works…

1. Instead of prospecting and chasing, you’re going to learn to passively attract prospects to you using 5 powerful social tactics.

2. Instead of doing hundreds of 3-way calls & presentations, you’re going to learn to passively build influence with your prospects which will cause your prospects to be interested in anything you recommend.

3. Instead of trying to close, sell or handle objections, you’re going to learn how to have 90% of the prospects you talk to PRE-SOLD and ready to get started.

4. Instead of trying to motivate & ra-ra your team to do the work, you’re going to learn strategies you can teach your team that they’ll actually want to do on their own!

The Attraction Marketing Formula Course


My objective is to get this secret strategy into the hands of as many networkers as possible, which is why I’ve put together the Attraction Marketing Formula course, which includes a 188 page manual, a 3 video module course, 10 ‘deep dive’ audio trainings and much more!

Here are more incredible stories from our students who used attraction marketing in their business...


I Got 14,000 Leads Online and Quit My Full-Time Job in 5 Months

“Attraction Marketing Formula changed my life. Since finding this training, I’ve generated over 14,000 leads online and was able to quit my full-time job within 5 months."

Emma Jones

Wales, United Kingdom


Karin Walivaar

Älvsbyn, Sweden

I Never Have to Do Cold Market Recruiting Again!

“Attraction Marketing Formula changed my business completely. I can honestly say that if I hadn’t picked it up I would probably have quit. I love it because I learned how to create a business and market to my ideal customers. The best part is that I never have to do cold market recruiting or feel bad about myself for not approaching the waiter anymore!"


Leila Helen

Mbombela, South Africa

From Frustrated and Ready to Quit…
To Having People Reach Out To Me

"I was definitely frustrated, ready to quit. Attraction Marketing Formula opened my mind to new ways I can present my business online. I’ve been able to make sales and people are asking me about my business, without any hotel meetings.”


From a Big Fat Zero to Making Sales

"My first year online I made nothing, a big fat zero. After finding Attraction Marketing Formula I started making sales, building a raving fan base and even getting recognized on stage."

Evan Dimitrakopoulos

Thessaloníki, Greece


400 New Leads and 21 Enrollments
in The First 30 Days

"My first year online I made nothing, a big fat zero. After finding Attraction Marketing Formula I started making sales, building a raving fan base and even getting recognized on stage."

Robert Holman

Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas

(PLUS There’s More Case Studies at the End of This Page)

When You Order The Attraction Marketing Formula Course, You’ll Also Get These Awesome Bonuses:

BONUS #1: Attraction Marketing Interview Series With Our Most Successful Students ($197 Value)


Whether you are a leader or a newbie, this interview series will give you insight on how some of our most successful students utilized the 4 steps of the Attraction Marketing Formula. You will learn:

  • How using an ‘enrollment funnel’ can help you automatically book prospects on your calendar, before even speaking to them

  • How to grow a 5-figure per month retail business in a home party based business, - but doing it online

  • How to create duplication with attraction marketing inside your team.

  • And much more…

BONUS #2: The AMF Live Video/Audio Private Podcast Series ($197 Value)


This is an ongoing private ‘members only’ podcast series I’ve been recording on every critical skill all network marketers need in order to succeed in building their business online and via social media

Topics covered include…

  • The origins of attraction marketing and how a small group of misfits revolutionized the profession 20 years ago

  • The Attract, Influence and Enroll Framework, which represents the 3 most important skills of an Attraction Marketer. (These are not what you think)

  • Identify and target your PERFECT prospects on social media, so you can attract the most interested & qualified and repel everyone else

  • How to read your prospect’s mind

  • The 5 ways to attract prospects on social media

  • And much more!!!

BONUS #3: Free 1-on-1 Coaching Call with an Attraction Marketing Specialist ($297 Value)


To further support your journey into the digital network marketing world, I have trained a team of Attraction Marketing Specialists to help you maximize your results from the course and other resources we have available:

They will help you…

  • Identify the #1 and #2 obstacles which are keeping you stuck and help you form a plan of action.

  • Customize their plan of action specific to your company, comp plan and goals.

  • They will also point you to additional free training and other solutions that can help to develop higher level skills

BONUS #4: Access to Private Attraction Marketing Community of Over 21,000 Digital Networkers ($297 Value)


Our private community is where our students connect, inspire and learn from the most successful digital network marketers in our profession.

With this community…

  • You’ll never be building this business alone.

  • You’ll always be able to get your most burning questions answered by other attraction marketers.

  • You’ll receive weekly training from Ferny and our leaders every single week

  • And you’ll get access to one of the most valuable training libraries in the profession

Are You Ready to Start Attracting and Effortlessly Enrolling the Most Excited Prospects You’ll Ever Meet?

When I first started offering the Attraction Marketing Formula for sale, I was literally charging $297 for just the book.

After all, it cost me over $150,000 to learn these strategies when I first got started and I’ve probably invested another $100,000 in optimizing, tweaking and revising my methods from all the mentors I had to hire.

And now it’s expanded to a full blown manual, video course, 10-part audio training and bonuses listed above.

So in total, the value far exceeds what I initially was selling it for by 1000x. And I think you’ll agree that even at the $97 price point, it’s an even bigger bargain and generous!

But I’ve decided that it is far more important for me to get this in the hands of as many networkers as possible and I want to REWARD MASSIVE ACTION…

I want to offer the Attraction Marketing Formula course PLUS All the Bonuses Above for ONLY $47!

Remember, you are getting…

  • The Attraction Marketing Formula Book - Instantly Downloadable! ($297 Value)

  • The Attraction Marketing Success Interview Series ($197 Value)

  • The AMF Live Video/Audio Private Podcast Series ($197 Value)

  • Your 1-on-1 Coaching Call with an Attraction Marketing Specialist ($197 Value)

  • Access to the Private Attraction Marketing Community ($297 Value)

That’s $1185 in VALUE for less than $50!

Attraction Marketing Formula

188 Pages of No-B.S. & No Fluff Guide to Creating a Passive Enrollment Machine!


Yes I'm Ready To Explode My Network Marketing Business Right Now!

***If You are Not Building a Downline or Multi Level Team, DO NOT Proceed***

Only $47 Today

Commit to Transform Podcast (3).png

Regular Price $97

Yours Today For Just $47


Plus, you’re covered by my NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE

Instantly Download the Attraction Marketing Formula, get free one-on-one coaching (I’ll pay for the coaching), join our Attraction Marketing Community and if in the next 30 days after you get this manual, you don’t think it can help you explode your team and rank advance quickly, I demand you ask for a refund.

Simply shoot my support team a short email and we’ll promptly and cheerfully refund your payment. No questions asked.

Heck, you can even keep the copy of the AMF manual as a gift from me to you!

So as you can see, there’s absolutely nothing to lose.

Go ahead and order the Attraction Marketing Formula right now, download it, read it, get the coaching, join our community and I can’t wait to hear about your success!



Ferny Ceballos Author of Attraction Marketing Formula, CMO

P.S. Here are more incredible stories from our students who used the attraction marketing formula in their business…


Milva Sadek

Cremona, Italy

Attraction Marketing Formula Literally Changed My Life!

"I was looking for information to build my business as a real leader and I found it. I didn’t want to be the weird person trying to recruit her aunt or prospecting friends during a night out. I removed prospecting from the equation, and because I have systems working for me, I now have a lot more free time. Attraction Marketing Formula literally changed my life!"


100+ New Leads in the First 30 Days

"With Attraction Marketing Formula we’ve added a new revenue stream into our business and brought in over 100 new leads just in the first month."

Alex Rivera

Bakersfield, California


Eva Taylor

Indianapolis, Indiana

Rank Advanced 6 Times in 6 Months Thanks to Attraction Marketing

"I didn’t want to spam my friends and family, so I started researching why some people skyrocket to success, while others struggle for years. That’s when I stumbled across Attraction Marketing Formula, which completely revolutionized my thinking of the entire industry. After putting these attraction marketing principles to use with my new company, I got rank advanced 6 times in 6 months."


I Love This System!

"Attraction Marketing Formula was the answer to my prayers. I needed a different way to meet people without being gone all the time and that’s what I found when I opened an email telling me about this. Not only has it taught me how to grow my business, but I also know how to attract the ideal clients. I love this system."

Melanie Kinch

Heinsburg, Canada


700 Leads, Lots of Sales
and New Business Partners

"I have over 700 leads, lots of sales and new business partners this year because of the strategies I’ve learned inside Attraction Marketing Formula. The biggest thing I’ve gained from this training and plugging into the community is confidence in myself and my unique abilities."

Jayme Hubbart

Thornton, Colorado


These Strategies Helped Me Quit My Job

"Since stumbling across Attraction Marketing Formula my life has changed. I generate leads daily who come to me (which is great as I HATED prospecting!) The strategies I learned have enabled me to grow my business and quit my job. I’m now free to do what I love everyday and help others do the same."

Jenny Stevens

Sherborne, United Kingdom

Income Disclaimer:  While every effort has been made to accurately represent our products and their potential there is no guarantee that you will earn any money using the techniques and ideas in this system or any of these products. This is information designed to help you understand the specific information covered. It is not an attempt to render tax, legal, or business advice. We do not purport this as a “Get Rich Scheme”. This is not a business opportunity. How you use the information is entirely up to you. While every effort has been made to accurately represent the information along with my opinions and insights, any claims made or examples given, although believed to be accurate, should not be relied on in any way in making a decision whether or not to purchase.


Regular Price $97

Yours Today For Just $47

30-Day GUARANTEE: If You Don’t Like AMF, We’ll Give You Your Money Back and We’ll Even Let You Keep a Copy of the Book as a Gift for Trying It Out!

Commit to Transform Podcast (3).png
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