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Weekly Team Calls

Bonus Call from Max Champion Group “Inside Scoop On Vegas” Several key leaders were invited to a PRIVATE MEETING in Vegas – They were given some “strategic leaks” to give to YOU! A Must Listen To Call Steve Verret Says Listen
Chris Gingras Chris Gingras Interviews Ed Yco “Platinum” from the Philippines Is one of the people responsible for opening up the Philippines. Jan 4th, 2010 Listen
Suzy Hayden Suzy Hayden talks about getting out of the Holiday Funk and into new year of 2010. Dec 28th, 2009 Listen
Eric Rondeau Suzy Hayden & Steve Verret Eric Rondeau, Suzy Hayden & Steve Verret Talk about the NEW FTC guidelines and how important it is to follow them. Click Below for Important Documents. Dec. 21st, 2009 

Click Here For Max Policies Click Here For NEW FTC Rules Click Here To Watch FTC Video

Ms. Suzy Hayden with Special Guest Steve Verret, Elaine Lynas & Carl Stanitzky ” How to 3-way” Dec 14th, 2009 Listen
Tammy Gingras Tammy “Sellars” Gingras. Interviews Henry Kramer “Diamond” Dec 7th, 2009 Listen
Carl Stanitzky Courtney Monar & Dr. Louis Cady M.D Mr Carl Stanitsky Interviews Courtney Monar & Dr. Louis Cady M.D. Nov 23rd, 2009 Listen
ChrisGingras kendunnnew Chris Gingras Interviews Ken Dunn #1 Earner. Oct. 26th, 2009 Listen
Suzy Hayden Bruce Mathison Suzy Hayden Interviews NFL Quarterback Bruce Mathison Oct 5th, 2009 Listen
Carl Stanitsky Dan Kinnison Mr Carl Stanitsky interviews Mr. Dan Kinnison “Wake Up With Dan” Oct 3rd, 2009 Listen
Charlene Ragsdale Brandon Wells Charlene Ragsdale & Brandon Wells Talk about Convention Sept. 15th, 2009 Listen Stephanie Clark Interviews Carol Ford. Aug. 31st, 2009 Listen Listen
Brandon Wells Brandon Wells talks about Overcoming Objections Aug 4th, 2009 Listen
Eric Rondeau Charlene Ragsdale Eric Rondeau interviews Charlene Ragsdale. Aug 3rd, 2009 Listen
Suzy Hayden Kenny & Karen Wagner Suzy Hayden interviews Kenny & Karen Wagner. Max TV July 27th, 2009 Listen
Charlene Ragsdale Carl Stanitsky Charlene Ragsdale interviews Mr. Carl Stanitsky “Double Diamond” July 21st, 2009 Listen
Carl Stanitsky Ruth Ann Mr. Carl Stanitsky m introduces Ruth Ann. Very powerful story. Show’s no matter how successful you really are everyone wants to be a part of Max. July 13th, 2009 Listen
Charlene Ragsdale Rick Nelson Charlene Ragsdale interviews Mr. Rick Nelson V. P. of Business Development June 30th, 2009 Listen
Chris Gingras Eric Rondeau Chris & Eric cover some basic steps to your success. June 29th, 2008 Listen
Brandon Wells Eric Rondeau Brandon Wells interviews Eric Rondeau June 23rd, 2009 Listen
Brandon Wells Karen Boren Brandon Wells interviews Karen Boren. June 16th, 2009 Listen
Suzy Hayden Ms. Suzy Hayden Interviews People from the Call June 15th, 2009 Listen
Charlene Ragsdale Brandon Wells Charlene Ragsdale & Brandon Wells talk about the internet and social networking. June 9th, 2009 Listen
Suzy Hayden Glen Martin Suzy Hayden Interviews Mr. Glen Martin from Australia June 1st, 2009 Listen
Carl Stanitsky drdaria Carl Stanitzky “Double Diamond” Interviews Dr Daria Davidson “How to approach Health Professionals” May 18th, 2009 Listen
Tammy  Sellars Gingras Forest Townsley Tammy “Sellars” Gingras interviews Forest Townsley from CO May 11th, 2009 Listen
Carl Stanitsky Special Call With Double Diamond Carl May 6th, 2009 Listen
Eric Rondeau Kenny & Julie Farmer Eric Rondeau interviews Kenny & Julie Farmer from IN. May 4th, 2009 Listen